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Newborn Session Guide


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My studio or your house

My studio is at home in Dormans Park, West Sussex.  The room I use will be cleaned before the session and closed during our shoot but please note we are a pet household for allergy purposes. (Please see details below where to find me.) If you require the shoot at your house I will try to accommodate this but the shoot will be lifestyle rather than posed.  This simply means I won’t really handle your baby to pose them as I would in studio, the shots will have the nursery, lounge in the background and will often have you holding baby.  They tend to be more natural but I can still bring some outfits if you choose.

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Before, during and after

On the whole these will have been booked with me well in advance so you’re ready to roll with your shoot when the day arrives. We will have chatted about the types of images you’d like to have taken and how you are planning to display them so I can shoot accordingly.  The session will last 2 -3 hours.  Everything you need to think about to help make this a lovely experience for you is set out below. Both parents are welcome to attend and I can photograph a sibling with your newborn at the end of the session.  Depending upon their age, they may need to be looked after by somebody else and returned to the studio towards the end of the session for their photographs with their new big brother or sister.  3 weeks later we will meet for a Viewing and Ordering Session where you will view your images on a large screen in a stunning video. You may need to bring some tissues!  I’ll have all my samples and you can take your time and decide what type of thing would be just perfect for your home and gifts.  Once ordered, most of your products should be with you within 3 weeks ready to hang.

Newborn Photographer surrey

How to prepare for your Newborn Session

The success of the session depends upon baby remaining settled, so in order to get the most out of your shoot please try to keep baby awake for a period of time before you leave the house.  Try to dress your baby in a sleepsuit that can easily be removed without disturbance. You may need to feed your baby upon arrival so that they are as drowsy as possible. Regular top up feeds can be the norm throughout the session so it helps if you can come prepared.  Please bring a couple of dummies if possible ( even if baby has never or just occasionally used one before). These can really be the difference between enabling us to complete a shoot where your baby may be sucky but not hungry.  Babies are posed with my own selection of beautiful wraps and newborn photographic outfits, but if there is a special neutral cuddly you have, please bring this along. For clothing for the rest of the family please see below.  It will be very warm so please bring some snacks and cool drinks for yourselves.

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 What you should wear.

It will be extremely hot in the studio so layers that can be removed are essential!! It would be helpful if mum could bring or wear a plain white vest/shirt for any photos that you may be in. Both parents if attending and any siblings should aim to keep clothing neutral so the focus is on your newborn.   Black tees can also look nice for certain black and white images.  I have some pretty outfits for the under 5’s in the studio. Here is a useful Pinterest board to help you.


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How to find me

My home studio is based in Dormans Park in West Sussex, just a few minutes from the borders of West Kent and Surrey.