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Don’t stress! Book a specialist dog photographer!

Like most pet owners, you probably see your dog as a member of the family. Whether they’re a newly introduced pup or a dog you’ve had since you can remember; you see them as your baby!

Whilst the majority of people fill their homes with photographs of close relatives, children and friends; adoring pet owners also love to have pictures of their pampered pooches on their walls. Investing in a session with me is popular for people wanting to buy gifts for members of their family. What could be more original that your other half opening a stunningly framed print of one, if not the only animal they love most in the world – whilst the quality of the image takes their breath away?!

But is it worth booking a professional dog photographer?

“Nic took some beautiful photographs of my crazy vizsla. She was incredibly patient and got some amazing shots. Highly recommended.”  

Owner of Amber

If you’ve ever tried to take a photograph of your dog, you have probably discovered that it’s not as easy as it looks.  You might try and use your camera phone and the results will be fun, candid shots– probably with a bit of blurring around the edges as your pooch bounds off.  Being able to capture an image that is a work of art – something worthy of being printed to hang on the wall is a whole different ball game (excuse the pun!). 

Imagine having a stunning portrait of your faithful friend – something to wow your friends, make you smile every time you see it and a piece of art you can always cherish. Or else, perhaps a set of linked wall art down the stairs capturing those different expressions or moves your dog loves to pull …..

“I did a photo shoot with Nic with my daughter and dog. She was absolutely fantastic from start to finish; was very patient and knew how to achieve the best shots. I’m over the moon with the prints the quality is second to none and would highly recommend Nic to anyone!” 

Owner of Diglett

As an experienced dog photographer specialist trained in both dog location action work and indoor studio dog photography, I love making new furry friends whilst I create stunning portrait images. 

Do you prefer more natural action images in a location around Kent or Surrey that might hold a special place in your heart for you both?  

Or do you fancy hanging your very own canine work of art on the wall that has been taken in my fully equipped professional home studio with lighting set up to enhance and backgrounds to compliment?

Unlike people, photographing dogs to create a high quality portrait requires a different skill set, from the ability to capture fast action work outdoors, to ensuring your black or very white dog is still beautifully captured. Focus is paramount – who wants a blurred image or one where the dog is clearly far too close to the camera as he approaches to give you a big lick!? Dogs are generally as we know more unpredictable than people and my work requires patience and a thorough gaining of your dogs trust.  I work closely with you as owner to ensure I secure such stunning images.

Whatever the breed and age of your dog, it is important that your pooch is constantly comfortable and most importantly having fun during the shoot! 

We all love different things about our dogs and it is my job to find out what these things are and ensure I capture them during the dog photo shoot.

Here are a few examples of why it’s worth booking a specialist dog photographer;

– You will have a wonderful, stress-free experience. Professional dog photographers like me know exactly how to get the best images in the least amount of time. Whilst at home you may struggle for what feels like an eternity, trying to get the perfect action shot of your pet, as they obliviously roll around the floor unaware of your ongoing battle with the camera, my skills combined with quality equipment and technological advancements will capture the perfect shot for you.

–  Creativity is key. Whilst people have the ability to smile in a photograph, your dog’s personality is often best shown through their actions. Taking into consideration your dog’s lifestyle, the creativity of the images can be as exciting as the dogs themselves with the use of props and styling (in the studio), and of course the chosen locations and set ups I use when shooting outdoor dog photography sessions.

– Professional photos are a work of art. Everything will be taken into  consideration to ensure that your dog is captured in a way that shows their beauty and personality, you won’t be able to resist displaying! I know how to get the best angles and pose dog ( and owner -see below) in the best light possible.

Hi Nicola, just wanted to say thank you so much again for having us and persevering with the nervous Bubs.”

Owner of Iggy

Owner of Bubbles

Remember, it’s not just about your dog! Whilst the main subject of the images is your pet, don’t be shy to jump in a few shots yourself! As a pet      owner you should be proud of your pet and there I love nothing better than capturing the loving bond between you and your companion.

As an experienced dog photographer, my previous clients tell me how much they have enjoyed the pet portrait experience and how much they love the images of their 4 legged family members that I produce. 

I have won awards with the Guild Of Photographers for my outdoor and studio photography work so you can be assured you are in safe hands and I will create beautiful images for you. I have also worked recently for the prestigious Battersea Dogs Home  as one of a handful of photographers chosen by them to record images of their Muddy Paws Event 2017 at Hever Castle, Kent where I captured some amazing dogs in action and momentous moments between dogs and their owners.

Give me a call or drop me a line if you’re interested and would like to find out more.  I very much look forward to meeting you soon and I assure you a fantastic dog photography session.

Best wishes

Nic xx

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